M12 connector and cables

QL-Custom can make fast quotation for M12 male and female connector cable when you are designing your Automation control cables and Vibration device or outdoor LED lighting, anyhow you want Straight or Right angle over molded cable types, or panel amount coupling. Or some of New power, Railway devices. We customized cable length at 300mm (12”) to 12 meters (50′) for Europe and American customers overmolded or assemblied types, we provide high quality and cost saving price for Sensor and ourdoor use, QL-Custom design team know clear and facilitate exact match part as IP67 water proof connector cable for our every customers. Not only we supply some stock M12 connector cable, but also we custom-made for customer as different lengths and color for overmolding.

> Applications of M12 connector and cables 

M12 connector is mainly used for

Outdoor LED installation,

Power equipment, mining machinery,

Auto equipment, automatic production equipment,

Temperature transducer, hydraulic machine,

Vibration sensor, electromagnetic valve, instruments and meters, pressure transmitter, etc.

M12 connector product design product performance, test standards need to be passing quality standard certification. Meanwhore M12 connector cable application for sensor and brakes.

M12 connector and cables
M12 connector and cables
M12 connector and cables
M12 connector and cables

How to Test your M12 connector mating are water-proof IP67 certified

  • Use your male part, find the point position and insert into the female sockets,
  • Selecting the male part ,the threads longer,
  • Insert and tighten it,
  • While you tighten it up, the nut on the female socket should not be sliding,


  • Short thread on M12 male part the circle not contact to the bottom of the female part,
  • The pins not standard and the OD of the pins not matched with the sockets,
  • Some a whole set of female and male not coming from the same factory,

M12 Cable Drawing

When customers send out an inquiry could be along with a drawing like below or QL-Custom will build a drawing before mass production before confirmation with customer everything clear to guarantee products under quality control and give the correct products to customers.

M12 connector and cables


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