The vehicle wiring harness is a set of wires, terminals, connectors, relays and other combinations of wire assembly, is connected to the entire vehicle information and power supply base connectivity system, the correct circuit and precision processing and material quality reliability can make the whole system operation More safety, this system is like the human nervous system, are indispensable. With the gradual innovation of modern cars, QL-Custom for the customer’s products gradually innovation, and to meet the different customers from the sample prototyping to mass production of a series of needs.

Automotive Wire Harness
Automotive Wire Harness

QL-Custom’s multiple-function wire loom provides a reliable, durable split loom pipe solution that is ideal for a wide range of wire harness, cabling and home applications applications. Split looms are very effective in almost any environmental and are very easy to install. Particularly in automotive engine around wiring ,this plastic tube provides a simple and effective way to route and protect a variety of cable / wire assemblies and harnesses not damage by metal and high temperature.

Lead Wire


If there are multiple wires connected to the device, the lead connection is very convenient. If there is only one cable in the box, it is easy to electrically connect to the equipment in the electrical box. In order to facilitate the connection, usually ends processing for the twisted wire tinned, connected to the box when the solder and lock screws can be handled by the other one is a separate relay or banana plug.



AVSS in the mechanical and electrical aspects of vinyl chloride mixture has a good application, insulation can be thin-walled, multiple stranded conductors together with good bending, and has excellent fire resistance, heat resistance is also very good, usually used for automotive wiring harness assembly , AVSS is the Japanese standard, so used in Japanese cars more widely.



FLYY wire is a thin-walled with low-voltage wire, commonly used in automobile manufacturing and vehicle maintenance, is a series of German standard wire, which also FLR, FLRY, FLYW



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  • Farm Equipments and Garden Devices
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  • ATV, Karts Repair
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